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  • 15.05.2020
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International flights will become available in July. This news was announced at the meeting of the Turkish Ministers of Culture and Tourism and Foreign Affairs Mehmet Ersoy and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Governor of Antalya Munir Karaloglu and the representatives of the tourism industry. The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss the plans and measures on how to recover tourism in Turkey.

Experts expect that the international tourism will start going back to normal in the middle of July. Mr Ersoy also stated that the country is currently discussing this issue with the UK, Germany and Russia.

Mr Ersoy added that they expect that tourists from the three above mentioned countries will start travelling to Turkey in July. The Minister also said that Turkey’s leading carrier, Turkish Airlines, is resuming international flights to 22 destinations in 19 countries in June.

At the moment Turkish Airlines do not have any available flights to the UK and Russia in June, though there are flights to Germany. The carrier is going to re-start flights to the UK and Russia in July.

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