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  • 17.02.2020
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In January 2020, foreigners acquired 3,907 homes in Turkey. This figure is 23% more than January’s statistics in 2019.

The most active buyers are Iraqis, Iranians and Russians. As for the buyers from Russia, they show certain stability – they occupied the third place in the rating of the most active countries buying real estate in Turkey throughout almost the whole year of 2019. This year in January, Russians bought 254 homes in Turkey. The first two leaders – Iraq and Iran – acquitted 739 and 678 properties respectively.

When it comes to locations where foreigners prefer to buy properties, the trend is the same as it was a few years before. The most popular destination remains Istanbul. There were 1875 properties bought there in this January. The next popular destinations are Antalya and Ankara.

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